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The following are submissions and items of interest from our guest and our search of the web.  If God’s inspiration  can come to any human being, then He/She can inspire any one of us!

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BY: Wolflaughing1








“The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”


Albert Einstein

Essay, The World as I See It”




The realm of theoretical physics runs into a wall …


in it's quest to demonstrate how the universe came into being. That is singularity that exists at the very instant of its birth. No matter how close we get to that very instant we have not yet understood it because it is a mathematical singularity. A mathematical singularity is, by its very nature, something we have no concept of. We only know it exists.   How?   Well try to take an equations like ((x +3)/(x-2)) and substitute "2" for "x". That is the singularity in question.

We can theorize and mathematically prove what was happening the nanoseconds after the big bang what was happening. We can see the beauty of the organization of the physical laws which govern the dimensions we exist in.


Similarly, we can also formulate and understand the laws of the dimensions where we do not exist. That is mathematical fact and has been done via such systems as topology, chaos theory, perturbation theory, modern algebra and the realm of probability. So then we know mathematically that our existence in these dimensions we physically experience is not the only possibility. It is for us but these other spaces are real. They exist.


It is this set of facts that has led me to the belief that a force that I don't understand does in fact exist and does in fact act in the dimensions I live in.


Now, with respect to the dimensions which can be shown to exist mathematically, am I going to experience this existence other than theoretically, intellectually or without the aid and tool of a variable mathematical system which can and does operate on those dimensions?   No.   Does this physical fact prevent the existence of those dimensions?  No.   I can define them mathematically.   I can see their inherent laws. I can see what is or is not possible in those dimensions via a tool of a system of mathematics. So then, they exist.


So then, for me, while I cannot categorically grab G-d here in this space and wave G-d in your face to physically prove G-d's existence to you ,what I can do is to point you to a classroom where you can experience the reality of those dimensions where a Force you or I cannot see does operate. I have no idea what that Force is. I can't put myself into the dimensions to understand that Force. I can only know it is there. You can study mathematics and physics to the point of understanding the language it is written in, then using that language to operate in those dimensions.


There is a thought experiment you can try. You may be familiar with it. Think of a line. It is one dimensional. Any being that lived it that world of Line would necessarily have to go "forward" or "backward" to exist. It would have to stop when it bumped another being on Line. It couldn't go over, under or around. But if a being that lived in a Cartesian coordinate plane came along, that being could move the being in Line out of Line. It would appear as though the Line being disappeared and reappeared. Similarly a Flatlander (that being living in a Cartesian, 2-D coordinate plane) would not be able to go "up" or "down".  A Flatlander would have some other physical problems which are moot to the example here. If one wished to incarcerate a Flatlander all one would have to do would be to draw a circle about that Flatlander. The only way out, of course, would be to step into a dimension that just doesn't exist for a Flatlander. I could break the Flatlander out by lifting the Flatlander out of the circle jail and depositing the Flatlander outside of it. That would look miraculous and be impossible from the Flatland point of view.  Possible for me because I live in a three planes of existence bounded by space-time. Now if a being which exists beyond my ability to comprehend space reached into my space, that being, could take an orange and remove the edible inner fruit from it without breaking the peel as I would have to do in order to eat an orange.


There is much that is well beyond our physical comprehension.


Science, particularly math and physics cannot be used to emphatically prove or disprove the existence of G-d. We cannot know what does or doesn't exist, in a purely physical sense, in the dimensions beyond our physical comprehension. You want some real fun? Read the accounts of the two slit experiment that has been performed on electrons and photons. Those little guys appear to be able to think and be two places at the same time. Now just how do they do that?




 BY: (Seeker) Rod














"The Phoenix"


It was late one night

I wasn't feeling so well.

Again my mind had made a torturing Hell.

And then she came to me

Late that night.


I saw her rise from the ashes

Of freshly burnt wood.

I tried to understand

But never understood.

She was majestic and silent

As she hovered overhead.

She gazed down upon me

As I cowered in my bed.

She nodded once

And fear left me,

Late that night.


Bird of wonder

Bird of light

Bird of fire

And eternal flight

Give me the desire to live

to see the light of day.

Oh, Phoenix, give me the strength to not run away.


An explosion of color invaded the night

When my eyes had adjusted

And I regained my sight

She was nowhere to be found -

A feather drifted to the ground.

I looked at myself and stood straight and tall

I thought I was finished;

I haven't begun at all.

Like the Phoenix I rose from the ashes

Of a wasted life - Late that night.


-Seeker (Rod)



BY: Dewey


The Very World


I would like to share this poem to help open our eyes to God's miracles all around us.



We live with the treasures of Heaven

But we are as blind men in the Louvre.


God bestows upon us uncounted blessings

Like the notes of a symphony to a deaf audience.


Just because we don't perceive them

We think they don't exist.


And therefore preach the death of God

From the mouth of living death


But for those who can See and Hear,

He is every breath they take.


He walks in cadence with their stride,

He calls to them in every bird's song.


He waves to them with the wings of butterflies,

He smiles at them with flowers' faces.


He winks at them with the stars at night,

He washes them with the gentle rain.


He caresses their feet with every blade of grass,

He embraces them with their lovers' arms.


He is the very world in which they live!

May we come to know God in all things.










BY: Terry W. Edge






"It is no easy thing to seek the Spiritual; it must be allowed to come of  It's own, yet not without self-sacrifice.”




"The Mountain"


If you wish to know God, go to the peak of the mountain.

Do not fly, Do not drive, but walk and crawl;

and feel the pleasure in the cuts and bruises of your miserable journey.

And, when you arrive, shiver and freeze.

Do not bother to find shelter, or be warmed by a fire.

You haven't that much time.




When you realize you know nothing, Not even God ..

Most especially, God  ---

You shall have found the answer, and you shall have struck upon

The Point of Beginning.


Leave behind your Bible.

Leave behind your Jesus.

Leave behind your Mary.

You shall need both hands. and the steadiness of both feet,

and you shall have to dedicate your concentration to each and every step.

For, the Mountain will be swallowed by clouds, and dampness shall prevail.

And the rocks will be slippery and the ledges shall be loose and unstable.

And you shall wonder why you ever left the flatlands.

And when you arrive, you shall have nothing remaining but your solitude.

And you shall be forced to contemplate your own Being ...

And, there you shall find

The Essence Of God.


An excerpt from "The Activity of God" by Terry W. Edge







We ask for that,

only which we doubt we have.

We search for truths outside.

We are lost only in the directional

sense, and often in our pride.

We ask for truth, yet in it,

we do, and will abide.


We need but choose to be aware

That we just simply are

what we always ask for...

The stuff that makes a star.                                                   


Just a thought...love ya, friend.



For more of Sucarha’s inspiration  please visit her page in this site:







BY:   Solo DX





From Francis of Assisi:


“Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


Re: Choices that set us free.....


Life really is a matter of choices made. Sometimes we forget that we made a choice and live with an unhappy reality. I once had a friend who was miserable in his career. I asked him if he had chosen the path to become a lawyer. He answered yes. I suggested that perhaps happiness would require him to choose not to be a lawyer.


After much thought, he has made a choice to go back to school at nearly 50 and prepare for a new choice. When I look back on my larger more visible choices, I think of adventure as one of the elements that life includes in the choice process. My friend is on an exciting new adventure with many more to come as he prepares himself to teach public school and connect with Children.


By  Solo DX 





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