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The Eclectic Creed

We join together, in presenting these precepts of our faith, plainly stating, these are articles of "Faith" alone; making no claim that they are infallible --- or, that they canned be added to, changed or taken from as the knowledge of mankind expands.


We believe in God: Creator, Designer, and the first cause of all things --- known and unknown alike. We acknowledge that our understanding and comprehension of this Entity is limited by our knowledge, our human abilities and our place in time. We therefore assert: No man can proclaim, write, or declare the Will of God.

WE believe, God conveys, and continues to convey, universal truths to all peoples in a wide variety of ways in the form of inspiration conveyed through symbolism. This inspiration can give us insight and guidance into our purpose for being and help us to reach human fulfillment.

We attest and acknowledge that mankind's relationship with God is evolutionary, and is ever changing as our understanding of our world, our self, and our place in the universe changes.

We assert that our interpretations of Divine Inspiration has but one primary directive; that is, 'to love one another'. Our purpose and fulfillment rests in the performance of this directive to the best's of one's personal ability.

We see our homage, thanks, and devotion to God in our treatment of one another --- for we believe: 'What we do to each other we do to God'. --- for all men and women are made in the image of God, and having the essence of the Divine within, are all equal and united in the family of God.

We seek God's truth from within us and all around us, using such inspiration to improve ourselves, our community and our world; each of us, according to our own unique ability.

These are the things we profess to believe, they are not a proclamation of Divine Truth. The truth of this profession of faith shall rest in our accomplishments because of the faith --- for our efforts and actions are the true manifestation of what we profess to believe.



Please email us with your thoughts : eclecticchurch@eclecticchurch.org