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SERENITY by Sucarha



Present Day Miracles!

By: A.R. Schaffer

© 2000


    The picture above is of the sun, taken from The Sun Today website.  In our everyday lives most of us never think about the processes going on in that magnificent star.  We just take it for granted that the sun will continue to shine, as well as all the other natural processes that give us life.   Because we experience things every day, we see them as ordinary, completely natural, and we give it little thought. 

     In most religious ideologies, events like the burning of the sun and those countless other everyday happenings that make life possible are not pointed to as miraculous events.  They take a back seat to tales of supernatural happenings such as parting of seas, bread from heaven, or burning bushes.  Too often, faith has us looking beyond the real world for any proof of God, causing us to miss the wonder, awe and power of God in our everyday lives.


     Look at that picture above and think of the power generated hour after hour; day after day; century after century.  A star that produces enough energy to heat the earth at a distance of 93,000,000 miles away.  A celestial body of fire thousands of times the size of the earth that has burned for eons.   And, that sun is but one of millions, perhaps billions, of stars that radiate massive amounts of energy throughout the universe.

     And think about the fact, that the third planet around that sun circles it at just the right distance, for not only life to have evolved, but life forms that can comprehend and understand the workings of that very sun.   The planet spins on its axis, day after day, allowing the sun to distribute its energy  gently and evenly.  That planet has filters in its atmosphere which filter out the dangerous rays of that star and allow the life giving energy to make its way over the face of the globe.

    All this happens in the vastness of a universe that is ever moving, ever changing, and ever expanding!  What miracles written in our ancient text are any more spectacular than these events we witness every day?  And while we may understand some of the how these things work, no one can explain why they work that way!


    And, think about this world that sun shines upon.  A world that is teaming with life from its lush temperate zones, to its freezing polar caps, to its arid and hot deserts.  Life so small we cannot even see it, to that of immense size such as the whale or a redwood tree.  Microbes, insects, plants, animals ---  all sharing this world, each contributing to its survival in its own way.  All these things serving a purpose! 

    And then there is human life, a truly wonderful miracle of biology.  Human beings who can comprehend and understand what goes on around them.  Beings that can create and think.  Beings who often are able to understand the “how” things work, but only in faith can they know “why” they work.  Beings who can  communicate, love and share with one another.  Beings that seem to exist for no particular reason but to comprehend the wondrous reality around them!  Being who can articulate the very existence of a God.


    Ironically it is here that we often fail.  We look for God’s handiwork in our stories and myths.  We place our faith and hope in a world to come.  We lose sight of the power of God; because we fail to look and see the wonders of His/Her hand that surround us.  Religion misguides us when it has us searching for God’s miracles in some supernatural faith.  Such faith is misplaced, as it causes us to fail to see that God’s miracles are rather commonplace, and often subtle. 

    Even healings fall into his category.  We have wonderful medicines, doctors who can cure many illnesses because God has empowered us with a mind where we can understand these things --- yet we pray for supernatural cures.  We sometimes look to men to lay hands on us and heal us through the power of God; but what is the mind of a doctor if not the power of God in reality?  Is it not truly a miracle that we can manufacture drugs, perform surgery, and nurse each other back to health? 


    Life is the miracle my friend.  The experience of the living of it and all of the reality that surrounds its existence are far more miraculous than the parting of a sea!  It is the “something”, where there should be “nothing” that should be seen as the true miracle.  It is the kindness that one human being can show to another, the love we can exchange, and our ability to think and reason for ourselves --- these are miracles we all experience and are the miracles that we should be giving thanks for.  Too often people are looking for God to give them signs, but God’s power and presence is visible all around us --- all we need do is think about it!  Science often talks about the laws of physics, but who wrote them?  Why are they laws?  How is it they work that way?  Do these laws not indicate intelligence and power behind them?


     Why is it people look so hard for more, when God has already given so much?  Why do we need to look beyond reality to substantiate faith?  Is it not greed to ask God for anything more, when He/She has already given so much?  We talk about eternal life and proclaim how great that will be, but what about the miracle of life in the here and now, the fact you can breathe, read this page, and think about all the things we have just discussed!  To recognize that life is eternity as we are experiencing it in the now is to know that we are part of some glorious plan.  And if God gave us nothing else beyond this life; is that not in itself enough to be thankful for?


        Open your eyes and look around you, my friend, and you will see miracles galore --- From the birds that fly so gracefully through the air to the rose that blooms with both beauty and fragrance.  The miracle of a sun that continues to shine and the earth that gives us life.  Miracles are in the rains that replenish our water supplies and in the fields of wheat that provide us with food.  We too perform God’s miracles, every time our hearts are moved to reach out and help someone that may be unable to help themselves.  There are miracles in our sharing, in our knowledge, in our compassion; and above all, in our acts of love!



    Let us stop proclaiming God’s wonder in what lies beyond and come to recognize it here all around us! As we approach Thanksgiving Day, let’s stop asking for God to give more, and give thanks for what has already been given.  Let us stop looking for God in some distant heaven and begin to recognize that He/She is ever-present all around us!!! 




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