New Year Prayer:


To each and every one of you we hope that you would join us through  ‘prayers of actions’: to promote kindness, love and peace to each other, reaching out and touching someone’s heart and helping them through a need.


We pray, that you may experience good health, feelings of security, and share in love with another in the coming year.


For our Nation, we pray not only in our words but through our efforts and deeds. We pray that our leaders begin to change their hearts and work harder toward peace and stop pounding the drums of war; that the freedoms we cherish not be eroded under the guise of fear; that as much effort is put forth for the needs of people as the self interest of politics;  that leaders are inspired to realize that true leadership is not in power over people, but in service to them.

    We pray for the rekindling of the true American principles --- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ---  justice that presumes innocence until proven guilty  --- freedom and respect for all religious beliefs --- freedom to openly question and criticize our leadership ---  the rights and equality of all peoples --- and the celebration of diversity; for these are the ideals that have made us great and help us continue to prosper and grow.

    We pray we reverse the trend toward “empire” and expand upon the reality of the democracy we espouse.

     We pray for peace, prosperity, and respect for all our citizens.  We pray for our troops, for their safety, for their quick return home to their loved ones.

     We pray that we can truly set an example that the world will strive to emulate, instead of resent, for leadership that fosters idealism instead of materialism, and that we will look to history and avoid the mistakes of the past.


For the world, we pray for those suffering from war, famine, intolerance, injustice, hatred, persecution, and occupation.  We pray that those who have differences seek peaceful solutions.  We pray that all religions see that God is about Love, not faith; about Brotherhood not self-righteousness; about Compassion, not theology.


WE ask you, Father, to reach out with your inspiration to men all over the globe to help solve the problems we humans create and we pray that men will open their hearts and listen for your voice!




Reflection For The New Year!





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