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SIMPLICITY... by Sucarha


( 1987 A. R. Schaffer)

(Taken from: THE MESSAGE, Chapter Three, by: A. R. Schaffer)


I cried out to my God in confusion. I cried out to my God in anger. I cried out to him in anguish. I cried out to God in faith. I cried out to God with hope. I Cried out to my God in despair. But only when I cried out in love did he respond to me.

I have looked at the beauty of this earth, and I've seen the ways of men. I wonder how any God of love could create such beauty and then allow hunger, pestilence and war! I wonder why so few are blessed with plenty, more than they will ever need; while so many have little or nothing to ease their pain of living.

I have wondered why we have been cast from Eden; why God would punish all humanity for the sin of only one? I wondered where the Justice would be in such a God?

In contemplation of these questions, I cried out to my God in love: "My God, my God, please tell me why you seem soul unfair?

In love my God heard me, and in my heart he replied.


It is not I who willed the course of events that mankind has chosen. You have not been cast from Eden, but dwell within it! Look around you! Behold the beauty, see the plenty, see the all. Have I not provided replenishment for all you use.

You ask why men starve, and I wonder the same thing, just as you. In reality, there is more food than man can eat. It is not I who have neglected to provide for my children, but their own brothers and sisters who hoard and refuse to share.

Your minds are blossoming as they should, but you use your knowledge in selfishness and greed. Do I not provide plenty for all? Have I not created equal? Is it I who created the rich and poor?

What you have done, you can undo.

I look at the Paradise that I created for you. I see foul water, the air is filled with dirt, the land is abused then abandoned in quest for more. You kill my creatures; so often in needless waste! I see my gift of plenty hoarded and exploited by just a few, and these men have hearts like solid rocks. I see men act without thought for there fellow man, without thought to future generations, without thought to the diversity of life I have created, without thought that all that is comes from me!

I am saddened by your abuse of my creation.

Then you go on to proclaim: the Lord God will give to you yet more! Hope is no longer in what I have given, but now it is placed in what I have yet to give. You concern your minds with the realm yet to come, yet abuse the realm I have a place to in. You proclaim a new heaven and a new earth that is to come; while, you destroy each other and the earth that I have already made!

I ask you my child, would a Father build his children a new home if the children have not yet learned to be responsible for the place in which they dwell? What logic would there be in that? And if such logic can be deduced in your intellect, then consider and ponder what must be mine!

You place your hopes in what I will give, in what is to come! Why do you continue to concern yourself with such things when you have not yet learned to respect what I have seen fit to bless you with?

I Am pure love, but I am not a fool! You are seeing me in your image, rather than seeing that you are in mine! My image is love. Love is what I am! It is your love that makes you in my image.

Then, my children seek miracles, signs and wonders from above. But my miracles are all around you. You take them for granted because you are able to see them as the natural order of things.

What if I were to ask you: is it in not a miracle that the natural exists at all? Are you not in fact a miracle? Are not the events of the season's, miracles? And the replenishment of your greed with the things of my good earth; is this too not a miracle? And what of the diversity of life that exists in your world, from the freezing polar caps, to the arid desert of heat of life that flies in the sky, and survives in the pressures of the ocean depths. Isn't all this life, not in fact, a miracle?

You have made my miracles commonplace! My Beauty you ignore; yet you, my children, are still seeking more!

And how many have I helped in their personal lives? How many have called upon me and I have heard? Yet, too often, the thanks is only in word. You do not seek me in love. You do not seek each other in love. Love each other and you will be loving me. Appreciate what is given and worry not about what I have to give. Do these things and the wolves will not be able to lead the sheep to the slaughter!


You, my children, build me great temples and sing me your praise, but respect for what I have made is rare among you. From these temples you proclaim words in my name, but your words and deeds of true love, are so few a child could count them.

You have ritualized, dogmatized, and made me what you would have me be! But my truth you ignore! My salvation you reject; for I am pure love and what more could one need?

Sing me your praise in the reality of your actions and deeds; for what is done has much more meaning to me then what is said. Ritualize and dogmatize if you must, but only for yourselves, and never in my name, for what pleases me is pure love.

You seek to raise yourself to my level before your time. You proclaim your will, and your words, as mine! Yet, you trample your gifts, you destroy each other, and then you seek to reduce my intellect by lowering it to yours! You neglect and abuse each other and you abuse the creation I have brought forth. And then you dare to seek a new heaven and a new earth! Where is the logic in this? Where is the sanity in what you proclaim?

Yes, my children, I have been there. I have sent messages through many of you as well. But you, my children, continue to be fools. You do not listen and you do not see!

Can you not understand that when a child starves its creator starves too, for I alone love that much. When you raise your hand against your brother you raise your hand against your Father, for I alone love that much. When you take more than you need, depriving those around you, you steal from me; for I have created plenty for all, and I alone love that much. And when you condemn your fellow man, you condemn me; for I am in he and he is in me! And when you judge, moralize, and set yourself as self-righteous, when you place yourself above your brother, you are proclaiming yourself me!

But I ask you; where was your intellect when I designed the cosmos? What power did you display to bring all things about? What knowledge have you of love and its way!

I have come and I have inspired. You destroy those I send and misrepresent their words. I warned you about the wolves in sheep's clothing, but you allow those wolves to lead you to your slaughter. To find those that are of me, look to their love, look for what they do for their brothers and sisters in humanity, look at the way they treat my creation. Only when a man loves all that I am, can that man be of me. Know that I am creation!

You can know you have chosen the right path, when you see these things begin to change in your world. When love is your priority. I tell you my messages is love, pure and absolute! I am pure love and only love can lead you into paradise!

You have lost your way, my children, through no fault of mine. I have given you mind, but you do not think straight. Your mind has eyes, but you refuse to see. Your mind has ears, but you refuse to hear. Your voice proclaims that which is false ignoring my truth! And of reason, logic, and all the rest it is as if mass madness has you all possessed!

Look long! Look Hard! Think! See what is! Then ask yourself: does your present faith seem like the way that was given by the intellect that created all the reality you see? Is my truth in your dogmas and creeds, or, is my truth in the reality of all you can see?

I tell you, that you can change things. You can undo what you have done. Love me in each other, just as I love you and your salvation is as simple as that!

Listen to me and be warned of the things of which I will now speak. Do not use these words to proclaim my will or to proclaim dogmas and creeds. These things are meant to inspire, to help guide you on your way. Use them to guide your own actions as an individual, or as a group but be wary of men who would try to use my inspirations to judge and control the actions of their fellow men!

Make laws as you need them as a state, so long as you need them to maintain order and need protection from each other. Never declare laws in mine name! Any man truly committed to me has no need of law, for if one has true love in one's heart they will always do the right thing. And remember too, always strive to make your civil law fair and just. Make your laws responsible to all, for you should remember I am in all men.

Judge only according to your own laws and never in my name! Look only to your own heart, judge only yourself in things that pertain to me. I have made you all unique, and I alone know my will for each of you. Look at my creation and see the magnificence of diversity there. Yet, in this diversity there is harmony and order, there is coexistence and purpose. It is diversity that makes life worth living. It is diversity which makes beauty. It is love which brings harmony and order to all diversity, and I alone am capable of understanding this.

So be who warned not to judge your brother in my name. Until you are without fault, until you can understand all that is you cannot perceive the reality of such judgments. You cannot say what is good or evil to your God, for you do not have my intellect! You do not pick a thief to judge a thief in your courts of law. Nor, would you pick a child to judge a man. You do not let murderers make your laws, nor, would you look to any animal to make your laws. In the same manner; what logic would there be in me giving any man the power to judge another man, or letting a man to declare my truth and my law for his fellow man? No man as any right to declare truth in my name!

Be motivated by love, and judge only yourself according to that love, for this you are responsible to me.

Do not continue to be such fools! Know this: salvation comes in life; not in death have I not shown you this? Hope is not in bloodshed or in suffering, but in the joy that love can bring. I am not a God of sorrow, but one of joy!

Cease, for now, concerning yourselves with the things of my higher planes. If you were to concern yourself with the world I put you in, you need not have any fear about what will come. How can you prepare for what it is to come when you are not responsible to what is? How can you understand what I have to give, when you do not understand the gift I have already blessed you with?

For those of you who cry out: "My God what is to come?"

Seek love first and you need not understand the rest. I say to you: until you learn how to love one another, and what I have given to you; you need not speculate about what may be for if you do not love you are not worthy of it!

And to the man who has learned to love all that I had made. The man that can see me in their brother. He that can see me in my creation, the man that respects all that is. This man, too, need not speculate; for I tell you he has already earned his place in what is to come. I, pure love, shall be his comfort and this is all he needs to know!

But be warned again, my children, do not act like fools. To act for a reward is to lose the merit in earning that reward. To act out of fear of punishment has no merit at all. But, if you act in pure love, which is to be part of me, and it is in me you shall reach your fulfillment.

Always remember: when you wonder about what will come to pass, it is your love which will determine that!

And, woe to those men who proclaim that I created to destroy, for it is you who will be destroyed. I alone know the purpose of my creation, and even if I told you, you would not understand. So, cease from proclaiming what my intent is; for such things cause you to loose sight of just how precious my gift of life is. All you need to know, all you need to understand is that I created out of love, the love that I am. This alone should quench your thirst!

Now you say there is evil and Satan is of my hand. But it is you who have created him; in your failures, lies and greed. He "is" because you allow him to exist! He grows because you refuse to see. You feed him with your indifference, fear and greed. Satan is of man and not of God. Satan could not come forth from me. It is only in love that you can destroy him.

Know, that you can use your knowledge to be all that I have made you. Have faith in yourselves as well as me, for I made you more than you know just now. Your knowledge can solve your problems, bring you great joy, and lead you to peace. To accomplish this all you need to do is to seek me out in the love of your brothers and sisters, the love of my creation, for you now know that I am pure love! Love is what will lead you to me. Love is your only hope; for only in love can you fulfill the purpose for which you were created! With out love you have no purpose!

Remember this: intellect without love is a waste. Power without love is an abomination. Life without love is empty. Salvation without love is not possible! Wealth without love is worthless. Sex without love is meaningless. Good works without love are useless. Technology without love is destructive. Communication without love is chaotic. Peace without love can never be stable. Knowledge without love is the mark of a fool. To seek me out without love will only end in disappointment, for all that I am, all that was, all that Is, and all that will be, exists because I am pure love!

Yes, I am the God of your fathers' and theirs'. I have heard their cries, responding with the truth in love. But they, like you, heard only what they wanted to hear. They would not accept the simple truth of love. They made the simple truth complex; with their dogmas, creeds, theologies, and hidden interpretations of all that I am.

I am pure love, and it is as simple as that! Love is what you need to be of me! Love is the ultimate truth in its simplicity.

The man of wisdom will let this guide him on his way.

Treat one another is you would treat yourself and this is the way to begin. When you have achieved what you set out to do, you will treat each other as you would treat me. Treat all the earth as if it were planted by your own hand. When you have achieved what you set out to do, you will treat it knowing that it is mine!

From my creatures, take only what you need, for these things, too, are all of me and they are living and feeling too. Be not cruel or thoughtless to them for they are of my hand just as you.

Your age has gained much insight about my creation, and this is good; so long as you use such knowledge to better each other's lives and live in harmony with all that I have given to you. If you use your knowledge in such a manner you will prosper, free yourselves from much pain, and no longer have poor among you. But, if you use the knowledge against what I have designed, without love; you can only accomplish more sadness and pain. You must work with the laws of what you call nature. You must work with them in love. For to work against these laws, to work in selfishness and greed, is to work against me!

Take care of your world like you do your temples and shrines, for there is more of me in the single atom then in all your glorious monuments combined.

Shelter the homeless; and it is there I will dwell. It is in providing a home for your brothers and sisters that you provide a home for me. I have no need of your temples of stone, but the temples of flesh all around the world are often the temples in the greatest need. When even the least of my creation is in need, I am in need!

Give in your love, tending to the needs of your brothers and sisters in humanity and that is how you can pay tribute to me. Sing your praises in word if you must; but let them never replace, or go beyond, your deeds of love!

Now, hear me well.

There are those who say that to question me is wrong. That in such questioning there is the weakening of one's faith. These same men proclaim: 'it is by faith alone that men shall come to know me.' These men pronounce many fruitless perceptions all as truth in my name. These men impart to you that the Lord your God has spoken all there is to say, and that they alone can tell you the meaning and purpose of my way.

But of these same men I ask, and men of faith should too: how is the world a better place for what you say and do? Is it love which moves you, or the will of your blind faith? And of your brothers and sisters, of my creation: what have you to say of these things? What are your actions, and your deeds, to show the reality of the concern for what is of me? And does your faith lead you to truth? Does your faith coexist with the truth as it is in reality; for what 'IS', is my truth! And does your faith lead you to discover and learn more?

I tell you: the wise man will beware of the men who tell them not to question what they have pronounced in my name, for it is these men, not I, who are fearful of such questions. I am all that is. What have I to hide? What have I to fear from your questions!

I have given you mind to learn the way of your God that you may prosper, and your children may prosper more, and their children even more. I have given you mind to learn the truth, as much of it as you can perceive, for it is this truth used in love that will accomplish the true will of your God.

Love is truth, and the truth is founded in love, for all truth comes from love. So let your faith lead you to question, and the questions to knowledge, and the knowledge to truth, and then use the truth in love; it is in this way you will lead yourself to me!

Remember this: faith without question is blind! Faith without question stagnates! Faith without question seeks to control you! Faith without question seeks to control your brother! Faith without question fosters ignorance! Faith without question deprives one of truth! Faith without question makes you a slave to the faith! Faith without question can make you a slave to another! Faith without question destroys the freedom I have given to you! Faith without question is a danger to any man!

I did give man faith and it truly is a gift from me. Only in faith can you come to know your God. It is only in faith that you can grow. Faith is the seed sown to produce knowledge which yields the fruit of truth.

Now, if a man truly believes, he need not fear is questions; for I fear no question. If a man truly believes he will seek to prove those beliefs, so that his brother might share in his peace. If a man truly believes he will seek to prove those beliefs so they will never believe in vain. If a man truly believes he will seek to prove his beliefs because "I am truth", and truth will stand forever.

I tell you: true faith is never blind. Faith is the foundation on which you can build truth. In true faith you will grow in knowledge. True faith is that on which the free mind expands. True faith will give you the ability to perform miracles. True faith is the expression of the free will I have given to you!

So move forward in the faith I have given to you, using it to find your answers, using it to perform miracles, using it to discover my truth, using it to discover the wonders my creation has to offer, using it to move closer to me. Use your faith in love!

Have I not said to you: ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open for you. Yet, when you ask and I offer, you reject, rejecting even me among you. When you seek you do not find because you see only what you will; not what is mine! And when you knock and I open the door, you do not walk through, instead you peek like frightened children fearing the wonders behind the door.

Ask questions of me, not of men; for it is only here that you will find the truth. Behold the wonders around you, for it is there that you can unravel some of the mysteries of my creation.

Truth will not come from the mind of one man; but from the collection of thoughts, reasoning, and knowledge of many! Men must work together drawing truth from their differences. Men must realize if it were not for your differences you could not learn. Men must come to realize, I do in fact speak to all men; but, all men do not listen!

Know: I speak to all men who will listen to me!

I have told you to come to me like children, but you do not understand what I have said. You are to be like children in their way of love. Be like children in their desire to know and learn. Seek guidance from me like a child looks to their mother's and father's.

Be like a newborn infant in your love of me!

You should know this: my truth and law will stand forever. What is your truth and your law must change for you continue to grow. I spoke to your of fathers before, according to their ability to understand. I am speaking this way to you now. I speak to all generations, but many do not hear my works. My inspirations will help you to grow, help you to prosper, and lead to love; when this is not accomplished the inspiration is not of me. The reality of inspiration is in what is accomplished; not in the words that are spoken!

Know this too: that to know the laws to which the heavens respond, is to know the law of your God. To know the law of that which you call nature, is also to know the law of your God. You cannot know of law concerning things unseen for you cannot yet perceive them. I alone know what lies beyond, how can you proclaim this? Why do you seek the world beyond, when you do not appreciate or understand the reality I have a placed you in?

I had given you faith only that you can know me, for without it you could not. Use that faith wisely for it should always lead you to truth. When your faith is in opposition to what "is!" it is on the wrong path; for faith must stand in the light of truth or your faith is not in ME. I am truth and truth has its origin in love! My truth stands forever and this is my real truth! My truth never needs to be proclaimed by men, for my truth stands 'of' and 'by' itself.

Know too: my truth continues to unfold, for your minds are still young, needing time to understand. Your minds must learn to love so you can gain wisdom as you accumulate knowledge. Revelations have not ended as so many of you profess. Open your hearts and minds in love and you shall be able to hear all the rest!

Trust in yourself and your own abilities too. Know that each one of you make a difference in things as they are. Work together in love, for this is the way to the joy that men of pure heart seek.

Each of you is more than you can know, affecting my creation. I have demonstrated your potential, so go forth and seek it out. Love one another as I have loved you, for this is the true key of salvation for both the body and the soul! This I cannot say enough.

Now, I have said to you, my children: love! But, I hear those who say: I do not know what love is?

I Am pure love, Existing to bind all the power, all the forces, and all the energy of the universe into the reality you see. Love is as real as gravity, magnetism, or the strong and weak nuclear forces you have come to know. It is a force that you cannot measure and you cannot see because you refuse to acknowledge that is part of your reality. But look around you, my child, and you will see that love is the essence of all reality!

Love must be nourished like the intellect, and then it can produce fruit. Love must be expressed like ideas, and then you will see what it can do. Love must be exercised like thought, and then it will lead you to more love. Love must be given to truly be received!

Love, intellect, and dreams are of the purest and most powerful energies which exist in the reality of what "is!" both in the seen and unseen alike!

You will know when men truly begin to love, for then you will no longer be able to tolerate injustice within your ranks. When men truly love they will share freely with their brothers and sisters who are in need. When men truly love they will know the true meaning of joy. When men truly love there will be no selfishness, no sadness, no pain. When men truly love there will be no fear, no apprehension, no loneliness. When men truly love there will be unity among all mankind!

Love is my peace! Love is the design by which I intended men to live. Love is my supreme law. To love each other is your very purpose. To love is to know me whom you call God. Love is the essence of my nature!

It is I, pure love, who gave you life. Only in love can your life be fulfilled. You are of pure love, each and every one of you, no matter what your state. Begin to love one another and then you will discover my truth.

I am the Creator of all You see. The force which binds all the forces. The intellect which made knowledge and truth. The power from which energy gets its power. The Infinite source of all that is seen and unseen. I am the maker of Infinity! I am the lord your God, and you are of me! I am pure love and love is what you can be. I am with you. I am part of you. I am part of all you see. I am creation!!!


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