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SIMPLICITY...by Sacurha



(EXCERPT FROM - A. R. Schaffer's, THE MESSAGE, PP7-10, 1987)




Before time began; The Power, The Intellect, Him we have come to call the Living God. He Who Inspired men to call Him Father The Creator Is already! And, all that "was", "is", and "will be --- were conceived in His Intellect and born out of His Pure Will.

From out of the abyss of nothing, in the eternal void of emptiness, through an exercise of His Intellect and Will; came the spark which ignited a blast such as the cosmos has never seen, and only by His Will shall it ever see again. An Explosion ten to the infinite times greater than that of the mightiest dying star! A burst of energy with such purpose, that after billions of years, this universe continues to move and expand because of the force from this spark.

This Entity of Pure Love and Intellect, willed an eruption capable of creating and binding atoms so they could take form. This detonation created enough energy to power billions of suns for eons of years. This was a discharge of energy capable of forming worlds, powering solar systems, and moving galaxies!

Such is the power of the God we seek!

And this same Being of Pure Love is the Essence, Author and Creator of all truth! All that "was", "is", and "will be" is the reality of what was conceived in His Intellect, being born out of His Will.

His Intellect gave the atom its design, and that same Intellect laid the plans to which the atom responds to form: the energies, gases, planets, and all life, of which this universe is made - both seen and unseen alike! His mind laid the plans for charting the solar systems, galaxies and the very movements of the universe for times beyond our span!

He is the Architect Who arranged the atoms of a single simple cell, and built from that all the diversity of life; known and unknown alike! It was His plan that evolved you and I - capable, of thought and reason on our own, with an ability to know and love Him even as we are! Because of His magnificence we can think, create, function and experience the wonders of His universe. By His grace we can learn and understand things around us! We can comprehend, absorb, analyze and learn about His creation. We, composed of millions of tiny living cells, can function as one intelligent being with the ability to dream and communicate, learning together --- as one people, and thus better understanding each other and His creation.

This is the Intellect of the God we seek!

And greater than God's Magnificent power from which all seen and unseen came. Greater than His Mind which conceived all seen and unseen. Beyond the scope of our reason. At a level which goes to infinity: Is God's love! This is the reason for all that "was", "is", and "will be"! It is the Essence of His Power. It is the Essence of His Will. Love is the ultimate binding Force of He to His creation! It is the simple truth which all men seek. Love is the Power and the Glory of the universe; Existing of Itself, yet, binding all together as one!

In Love the Creator Exists. Out of Love the Creator created. The wonders and beauties of the universe and this world are but a reflection of that love!

It is only by, and in love, that we can come to know and appreciate all that is. It is the drive and the purpose of existence! It is the reality of God within us and around us! It is the ultimate manifestation of His beauty and truth. It is what can bind us to each other, and ultimately it will bind us to God. Love is God's gift that He shares with us. Love is the hope for our existence. Love is the reality of happiness, the true inner peace, the key to truth, the salvation for all that seek its power!

The Lord God, our Father, created out of love and it is in love we will achieve our fullest potential; experiencing all the joys creation, both seen and unseen, has to offer.

To love and be loved in return is to take part in the Nature of God! This is God's gift to the universe! This is the truth we seek! This is reality! This is the ultimate law from which all other law comes. Such love is our real purpose, the true Genesis of a higher order, and the seed of paradise!

From He that "Is", comes this inspiration renewed: "Seek love for it is in you. It is all around you in all that I have made! It is My Presence in creation! Through it you shall be fulfilled!''



To this small world in the vastness of space God brought forth a multitude of life, and to that life He gave a paradise filled with beauty and wonder. Out of this life came forth man; whom He created male and female and gave to them intellect, reason, free will and the ability to love! He called them His children, and the children can call Him Father; because all of creation is one bonded by the love of He that IS!

Now, to this child called man, God gave mind. A mind to live in harmony with all that is. A mind to understand and learn about that which is around him - that he may be responsible to the creation of which he is a part. A mind that can provide comfort to himself as well as others. A mind which can experience the joys which God has made. A mind that can dream and turn those dreams into reality. A mind by which men can unite as family; able to set aside their differences and find that upon which they can agree. A mind to build and enhance the paradise God gifted him with. A mind to seek truth as it exists. A mind that can learn to love God in faith and reality!

And God saw this mind was good!

And to this mind God gave eyes. Eyes, by which man can behold the beauty of God's creation. Eyes, which bring the great joy that sight, brings to men. Eyes by which man can observe and perceive, so he may come to know the truths of God and creation.

And to the mind God gave ears. Ears, which can hear the beautiful sounds of God's creation. Ears, which can experience all the joy which man can create through sound. Ears that men may hear one another so that they may join together and work as one. Ears that they may each hear the truth God has spoken to the mind of their brothers and sisters in humanity. Ears that can hear the Voice of God as it speaks to them through creation!

And to this mind God gave voice. A voice which can comfort, a voice that can sing, a voice that can teach, a voice that can question, a voice that can answer, a voice that can communicate so we may share as one a voice that can speak to God. A voice that can share with others God's truth as we perceive it.

And to the mind God gave smell. Smell, which can please us in experiencing the purity of God's world. Smell that can warn us of dangers. Smell, which can aid us in so many ways.

And to this mind God Gave touch. Touch that can build and create. Touch that can express love and offer comfort to one another. Touch to help us discover truth, that we might unite and share as one. And this touch, too, can lead us to learn the truth of God's creation!

And God gave these things to us with intent that was good, seeing these gifts were good because He knew we are part of His Love!

So this great man, which God willed, has the ability to think. They can hope, reason and dream. They can create and build. They can discover and learn. They can unite with other minds that we might share our intellect and accomplish even more. Above all they can share love with the rest of humanity - and even experience the wonders of their Creator's Love!

As if this were not enough, God gave this creature free choice that mankind may partake and share in the creation of God; each one, according to their own joy! This free choice enables us to seek and learn God's truth; each one of us, according to their desire and ability to perceive it. This free choice allows us to express and share our love with each other; each one of us, according to our own desire and pleasure.

And God knew this was a great and good gift, so long as men used it in the Love God put in each soul!

But some men have misused God's great gifts; for they do not use them in love. They seek to control the free will of their fellow men to serve their own selfish needs.

These men replace truth with lies. They cloud reality with superstition. These men of deceit have removed the Presence of the Creator from the creation - placing Him in a paradise beyond our earthly reach. They promise His reward in a world beyond, while ignoring His Glory in the world we live! They have set men above the rest of creation, proclaiming creation as only a stepping stone to a greater Life. They have created an illusion that we are running creation - something more than being a loving part of it!

These men see life only in death. They see God's gift of free choice only in slavery to their ideals. They seek great earthly comfort for themselves, pacifying the whole by proclaiming God has more to give.

These men proclaim that mankind has lost paradise, and only through death and destruction will our loving Father renew! They have deluded the many for centuries of our time by telling us God gave us life only to die. They see pain and suffering as the plan of God, often proclaiming pleasure and joy a sin.

These are those who have brought mankind to their fall. Know them by the way they live!

It is because of these selfish men that we have been led to trample God's gift of earth. They cause us to fail in our responsibility of love, replacing such with mere words alone. They can rationalize: war, world hunger, human suffering, the exploitation of men of their fellow men, and the abuse and pollution of God's gift of earth. They tell us that these things are of God's design and a natural part of creation. They blame God or the devil for such things; when in fact we are the cause. It is we who choose!

It is because of these selfish men that we have been led into confusion. They have replaced God's Plan of Love with their own plan, which is motivated by greed! They have turned God's paradise into a kingdom of finance and profit that has more value than life itself!

These men would have us believe: Love is the abstract - gold the reality! That progress should be our only goal and beauty is its price. That man is the master and creation is the slave. That death is the goal and life is only the test. That salvation is our purpose and truth and knowledge is its downfall.

It is because we neglect our love and follow these men that we fail to live in the beauty God has given to us. We have been the fools who follow them blindly, and it is we who pay the price. It is we who have placed our confidence in men instead of the reality of God. It is we who use our faith in hopes of what is to come, ignoring what God has already given - what is already here! It is we who have failed to use our intellect and logic to see the beauty and simplicity of God's great gift. It is we who fail to love each other, in the manner God has revealed, time and time again in the course of our human history.

This is the fall of mankind. It is our love, which can achieve our salvation!

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SIMPLICITY... by Sucarha