The DaVinci Code

(Why The Big Deal?)

By A.R.Schaffer



     Here we go again, a lot of people making a lot of noise about something that not only doesn’t matter; but it is a WORK OF FICTION!  A work of fiction means it is made up, not true, and makes no claims about Jesus’ marital state.  I’ve read the book, the story is more of a thriller, kind of like James Bond meets the Catholic church, rather than an allegory about Jesus.  It is, in my estimation, an okay read; but where anyone can take away something that would challenge faith is beyond my understanding. About the only thing I can see someone possibly wondering after the story is:  ‘Gee, I wonder if Jesus might have gotten married and had a family?’  What’s the big deal?

     Is it the fear of question that brings the faithful to arms?  We hear from the religious how sacred marriage is, so what would be the big deal if Jesus did marry someone? Much of the uproar makes marriage look like its some kind of a shameful state in life.  God forbid that Jesus do something human!

     The shame of all this rhetoric lies in the fact that there are real problems in the world, problems that Jesus actually addressed in his message of the Gospels.  If the religions were half as outspoken about the invasion of Iraq as they are this book and movie, just maybe people would not be dying in this bloody conflict.  Even the capture of Sadam cannot bring any justification to the thousands of lives lost and the suffering going on; ironically in the name of peace and freedom.  Does anyone really think Jesus would be upset with some fictional book in light of this terrible conflict? 

    Over and over in the gospels Jesus talks about taking care of the poor and needy, but the numbers of poor continue to climb while some of his followers get outraged by some work of fiction.  I read yesterday that Catholics in India were trying to get the movie banned; has anyone looked at the poverty rate in India lately?  It would seem that would make a much better cause than getting a movie banned.  If you do not like it, do not go to see it, and use the money to support some soup kitchen!


      Then there is Jesus’ pet peeve which was hypocrisy, mentioned in the gospels more than any other fault.  Seems a lot of that is going around today, both religiously and politically.  If all this controversy over this fictional work by some of the faithful is not a form of hypocrisy I do not know what would qualify.  Jesus’ concerns were in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, treating one another with love and respect; but some would rather get enraged about a fable claiming Jesus was married.    If the idea of Jesus being married undermines his message in any way, then one has missed the whole point of Jesus’ life and death.    Like so many things today that claim to pertain to Jesus, it has little to do with his teachings and example.  Any reading of the Gospels would render this whole discussion worthless!


    As far as the outrage of the Catholic Church goes, it would do much better to focus it outrage on some of the recent scandals that have occurred with their clergy, or maybe reflect upon some of the historical atrocities committed in the name of God such as the inquisition. One does not have to look to a work of fiction to find examples of conspiracy and cover up in the church.  This is not to say the Church does not do good works in its ranks, only that it has some real problems that are far more serious than the outrage and preoccupation with this movie by some.


    In the end the news media has a lot of responsibility for the obsession with this book and film.  Instead of investing its time and reporting on real conspiracy investigations of real problems, it is much easier to sensationalize something that has no basis in reality.  There is not much difference these days between the tabloids and the 24 hour news channels; it is all about ratings rather than, informing people about relevant information.  Like Brittany Spears and her baby episodes, or Tom Cruise and his love life, the DaVinci Code is a sensation ratings grabber that is only made important because of the rhetoric. 


    Anyone that decides to read the book or go to see the movie should keep it in its proper perspective despite what you see or read about it.  Simply put it is only a work of fiction for entertainment!  If you are worried about Jesus’ reputation, don’t worry about his marital state,  go out and do something kind for someone for that is what he was about!