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Life, consciousness, being are the way we are experiencing Godís eternal plane in the now.Each life is a gift, each life is unique, and each life is precious.The taking of any single life by another human being, be it in the World Trade Center or in the battlefields of a distant land, be it an American life or a foreign life, be it an act of hatred or an act of revenge,can never be justifiable in the name of God.Such rational is a human folly that demonstrates that despite our intellectual evolution we have not yet surpassed the cave in our emotional evolution.

We found this commentary by Chris Floyd to be powerful and insightful.We share it with you for your consideration and comments.

*Taken from the Moscow Times

Friday, Dec. 7, 2001. Page VIII

Global Eye -- Moment by Moment

By Chris Floyd

Black milk of daybreak we drink it at evening

-- Paul Celan, "Deathfugue"

The children were walking to school. The young people were going out to dance.

The children stepped on a booby trap planted by a soldier. The young people were shredded by the nails of a suicide bomb. They were all blown up, destroyed.

One moment, the force of life animated their biological matter, their brains seethed with billions of electrical impulses, the matrix of consciousness brought the entire universe into being, within them, within each of them, each solitary vessel of knowing.

The next moment, only the matter remained: inert, coagulated, decaying. There was no more knowing, no more being; the universe had come to an end.


we drink it at midday and morning we drink it at night

They would have us believe it is because Ishmael warred with Jacob. They would have us believe it is because this or that Divine Will requires it. They would have us believe it is because ethnicity or nationality or religion or some other arbitrary accretion of history and happenstance must override both the innumerable commonalities of all human beings and the radical, irreplaceable uniqueness of each individual.

They would have us believe anything other than the truth: that everyone and everything will die, that all nations, ethnicities, religions and structures will fall away into rubble, into nothingness, and be forgotten, that even the planet itself will be reduced to atoms and melt away, like black milk, into the cold deeps of empty space. And in the face of this truth, nothing matters ultimately but each specific, fleeting instance of individual being, the shape we give to each momentary coalescence of atomic particles into a particular human situation.

That's all we have. That's all there is. That's what we kill when we murder someone. That's what we strangle when we keep them down with our boot on their throat.

we drink and we drink


Is it not time to be done with lies at last? Especially the chief lie now running through the world like a plague, putrescent and vile: that we kill each other and hate each other and drive each other into desperation and fear for any other reason but that we are animals, forms of apes, driven by blind impulses to project our dominance, to strut and bellow and hoard the best goods for ourselves. Or else to lash back at the dominant beast in convulsions of humiliated rage. Or else cravenly to serve the dominant ones, to scurry about them like slaves, picking fleas from their fur, in the hope of procuring a few crumbs for ourselves.

That's the world of power -- the "real world," as its flea-picking slaves and strutting dominants like to call it. It's the ape world, driven by hormonal secretions and chemical mechanics, the endless replication of protein reactions, the unsifted agitations of nerve tissue, issuing their ignorant commands. There's no sense or reason or higher order of thought in it -- except for that perversion of consciousness called justification, self-righteousness, which gussies up the breast-beating ape with fine words and grand abstractions.

And so: Israeli soldiers plant a trap to kill schoolchildren. And so: Palestinian assassins slaughter young people at play. And so: Americans rain murder on innocent civilians -- more than 150 this week alone -- then lie about it brazenly, even though British reporters are there on the ground in the midst of the dead. And so: Osama bin Laden plots murder with "dirty bombs," explosions to spread clouds of deadly radiation. And so: the fine words and breast-beating goes on and on -- prosperity, freedom, holiness, security, justice, glory, our people, our homeland, God's will be done, we will prevail.

we shovel a grave in the air where you won't lie too cramped

Beyond the thunder and spectacle of this ape-roaring world is another state of reality, emerging from the murk of our baser functions. There is power here, too, but not the heavy, blood-sodden bulk of dominance. Instead, it's a power of radiance, of awareness, connection, breaking through in snaps of heightened perception, moments of encounter and illumination that lift us from the slime.

It takes 10 million forms, could be in anything -- a rustle of leaves, the tang of salt, a bending blues note, the sweep of shadows on a tin roof, the catch in a voice, the press of a kiss, a line of Mandelstam: any particular, specific combination of ever-shifting elements, always unrepeatable in its exact effect and always momentary. Because that's all there is, that's all we have -- the moments.

The moments, and their momentary power -- a power without the power of resistance, defenseless, provisional, unarmed, imperfect, bold. The heavy, blood-sodden cycle of war and retribution stands as the image of the world of power; what can serve as the emblem of this other reality? A kiss, perhaps: given to a lover, offered to a friend, bestowed on an enemy -- or pressed to the brow of a murdered child.

we drink you at midday and morning we drink you at evening

Both worlds are within us, of course, like two quantum states of reality, awaiting our choice to determine which will be actuated, which will define the very nature of being -- individually and in the aggregate, moment by moment. This is our constant task, for as long as the universe exists in the electrics of our brains: to redeem each moment or let it fall. Some will be won, many more lost; there is no final victory. There is only the task.

we drink and we drink

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